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I won't tell you anything about my life, I'll begin my story from the day I opened my eyes inside Kushina's womb.


Where am I?

Why is everything dark around me?

Did I really die?

I didn't know where I was. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak. I couldn't hear, I couldn't see. It was just like how I thought life would be after death.

But before I could lose all hope, I heard something which completely changed my life.

'Ding! Host has received the OP Harem Anime System!'

'Ding! OP Harem Anime System wants to bind with your soul! Will you allow it?'


What is happening? OP Harem Anime System? Maybe I didn't die, but got reincarnated with a system like in those novels?

I might as well see what this system is.

Yes, activate the OP Harem Anime System.

Along with my consent, more began flooding my mind.

'Ding! Initiating Soul bind!'


After what seemed like an eternity, the percentage finally reached 100.

'..... 100%.'

'Ding! Soul binding completed!'

'Ding! ! Host's soul has fused with the OP Harem Anime System!'

Finally! Now let's see what this is. But I'm unable to speak. Hmmmmmn, I might as well try to see if it will respond to my thoughts like before.

System could you tell me what you are? And where I am?

'Ding! Yes. I am the OP Harem Anime System! Just as my name suggests, unlike the other systems host can not only grow stronger by completing quests and killing others, but you can also stronger if your harem grows!'

As if to let me take in all the new the system stopped speaking for a while. So regardless of making a Harem, I can grow stronger by doing quests and killing others, but I'm sure that if I don't make a Harem my growth will definitely be limited.

'Ding! Host is in the world of Naruto! You are currently inside Kushina Uzumaki's womb, and will take birth in a few more months!'

So I'm Naruto Uzumaki. But before getting any further I need to get a few things right.

Hmm, system do I have to follow the same plot as the anime or can I live as I please?

'Ding! That depends on the hosts choice!'

My choice huh?

Wait a Don't all systems have something like a star window? Though I doubt if there will be anything great in my stats since I'm a kid, I might as well see them.

System show me my stats.

'Ding! First host must register his name! Warning! Host must be careful in choosing his name because not only will this name follow you till death, it will also influence your future! For example, if host chooses the name Naruto Uchiha, you're parents will die and after which you will get adopted by the Uchiha ! So think we'll before you make a choice!'

Hmm, this makes things much more complicated. Though I've always loved the Uchiha , I don't want my parents to die.

It was at that moment that I made a choice. A choice which I would follow through without an ounce of regret for the rest of my life.

System, register my name as...

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