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Chapter 55 : Wake Up, Mommy (1)

PS I'm (not) Over You

He gazed at the woman with loving eyes although he was sad that she had chosen another man. For years, he had yearned for her to notice him. How many time did he watch her look at Eli from afar? How many times did he watch her cry in silence?

Eli has hurt her yet she still chose him. Kian couldn't understand why. What does she see in Eli that he doesn't have? Is it the look? The fame? His wealth? Why? Eli is one of the most ruthless people he met in his life while Ririna is the best woman he knew and he loved. There isn't anyone like her.

Ririna looked so delicate and fragile right now. He misses her smile and those old days when they laughed at each other's jokes. His eyes shifted to her left hand and saw a ring on her finger. So the devil really intends to marry her now.

No. That will never happen. If the other has failed to kill Ririna, the possibility of using Eli to eliminate his competitor can be used to his advantage. Now only if he could dispose of that son of the devil, there would be one less problem along his way.

"Ririna. Wait for me, my darling," he whispered to her ear before leaving her room.

Kian left the hospital without a word. He slipped into a car silently before receiving a file from a man beside him.

"Young Master, Gamaliel Park has the whole Yang family tonight. Do you wish to continue to our next ;

Kian shook his head. Everything is going on to his

"No, but make sure to send someone to look after Skyler Han. The kid should be dead sooner or later."

His sister, Erica was busy talking to Ginny who was by and Sara. Erica has called Ginny because the doctors had informed her that Ririna isn't responding well to the and suggested other medicines. Sara has taken with her the medical they recently during their visit with

"I'm not sure if this could help," Sara said before turning a thin folder to her older sister Ginny.

"What's this?" Ginny asked as she flipped open the folder before her eyes scanned the document within. There she found some medicines that are listed. Some are very rare and hard to find. Why the hell Ririna got shots for these kinds of medicines?

"I remember when she gave birth to Skyler, she almost died from severe blood loss. Her body kept rejecting whatever medicine doctors gave to her." interceded as he remembers something from the past.

The will still continue even if Ririna couldn't attend to it. The news about her getting into a car was leaked out but the ambushed part was concealed to the media and public.

"Why is everyone here?" Eli's voice rang in the almost empty corridor. On his arm, Skyler was sobbing quietly while his arm wound around his father's neck.

'It's almost midnight, why did he bring Skyler with him?' Erica blinked.

Skyler was having a hard time falling asleep without his mother. It's almost five days since her attack and he is getting more restless whenever he couldn't see her. That night he couldn't stop crying and Evan had to call Eli for help.

The little boy looked up to his father with teary eyes.

"Are we there yet, Daddy? Where's my mommy? I want my mommy." Skyler wailed.

Erica bit her lower lip. Somehow she felt guilty for not being able to protect Ririna when she was needed. If only Kian didn't show up unexpectedly, she wouldn't have left her friend unprotected.

"We are here now, Sky. Now, can you please cease your crying? Mommy wouldn't want to see you crying, right?" Eli replied and rub the back of his son.

Both father and son slipped into Ririna's room. As soon as Skyler saw his mommy, he told his daddy to bring him down and ran towards her. The little boy crawled beside her and cried. He really wants his mommy to wake up.

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